We put technology and sport together to create the world's most efficient and popular sports apps.

Our goal is to make our users feel great reaching their results and look good.

We provide high-end services for digital companies:

Assisting tech start-ups and software companies

Frontbyte is working focused and exclusively for various software companies and technology start-ups. We mentor and assist in the creation of the project scope and it´s product backlog using our UX experts. Our communication experts ensure proper understanding between onsite and offshore locations and proper output from the development hubs are verified. We are a team specializing in nearshore and offshore development and our clients outsource this work to us. We help our clients introduce proper methodology to support development using global teams. Contact us and we will tell you more about various success stories and how we can help your software business to reduce costs and increase growth.

Developing the next smart accounting platform

Frontbyte is deeply involved in the creation of the next generation smart accounting platform. In this project we are using world class UX resources combined with cutting edge open stack technology and senior developers. We have build a dedicated team for the client and we are using artificient intelligence to support auto accounting in a revolutionary way. The project will have it´s release in 2018 and it´s being developed in close cooperation with the software company Bilagos and Innovation Norway.

Apps for iOS and Android

  • Appendix

  • Invoicing

  • Travel and expences

  • Dashboard


Frontbyte has been the strategic partner for developing various applications for the fastest growing telecom player in the North-european market last 5 years. We have developed award winning and famous interfaces for both the cloud based switchboard applications as well as various desktop and mobile applications including iOS and Android.

We love to increase your profit

And we come documented;


Frontbyte has developed various frameworks and platforms for various software and technology companies which has resulted in tremendous growth and increase in profit. We will be happy to share our success stories with you and work with you and your team to make great success in the game of software development.

We hold subject domain expertise in various verticals

  • Telecom
  • Visualization
  • Oil & Gas automation
  • Translation and interpretation
  • eHealth
  • ERP
  • Software companies
  • Banking and insurance
  • Start-ups
  • Smart accounting
  • Educational systems
  • OCR and automation

Our methodology and workflow

Frontbyte has vast experience working with software development team distributed over different time zones, combining different cultures. As software development represent a huge communication challenge we have developed our own hybrid approach inspired by the Agile manifesto to ensure that your requirements are captured and described firmly. This way we will ensure that you will benefit from our unique competence in offshoring services including faster time to market and remarkable cost reductions. We also deliver software project management and product management to various software companies.

  • Your idea
  • Specification
  • UX Design
  • Development & testing
  • Final product

Some of our leading clients

Our clients are typically blue chip companies or innovative tech start-ups with a huge ambition to innovate and growth. We help them to develop their application faster and at a competitive cost level.

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Robert Kristiansen

Creating the next generation software enabling doctors and patients to share medical data in a collaborative and safe environment.

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We plan and design locally. Then you benefit from our global operations.

Your application is being planned and designed by our UX specialists locally and then developed at one of our development centers.

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