We are software specialists

We have separated software development into three complementing main areas: UX Design, Development and Quality Assurance. This greatly enhances production and throughput in our projects.

UX designers

User Experience designers guide the product development, from idea to release and ensure the end user experience is the best possible at every step of the way. We find the best ideas, find solutions, test suggestions. All with one goal: To let your customers find the best possible benefit and experience in your app. During the development phase, our UX designers will provide perfect visuals and testable prototypes of the end result, long before development starts.


Modern developers love delivering your app on as many screens and platforms as possible without further adaptions or special editions. Today, HTML5 is the rational choice to ensure the maximum availability for your app on both mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. Web-based apps also help reduce deployment time and often eliminates the need to install. We use various world-leading platforms and frameworks to build enterprise apps for our clients. We also have vast experience transforming a typical client-server application to modern cloud-architecture.

Quality Assurance

Continuous quality assurance for all steps provide an assurance that the investment in design and development finds its way to your customers. Our QA specialists perform system-level testing during development, full functional testing of all functions in every imaginable condition and performance testing before release. After release, when the app has been made available to the public, we ensure the app performs as promised and take action if problem areas may arise.