BirdieEyes Golf App

How we introduced AR technology into the traditional game and made it even more interesting

Innovative Augmented Reality App

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Combining the traditions of a centuries-old sport with disruptive technologies, BirdieEyes helps golf clubs and federations promote golf and provides a totally new experience for players.

Augmented Reality and 2D Map

With the help of 2D and AR modes, players will be aware of course objects, distances, and potential obstacles to perform more accurate shots. They will also be able to easily navigate the club facilities.

Technology and Traditions

Created in association with Norwegian Golf Federation, BirdieEyes meets the needs of modern golf players by providing them with all the vital functionality required for every aspect of gameplay from booking tee times, inviting friends to play a round, and entering your scores to submitting a scorecard for handicapping.

Inspired by its success, BirdieEyes is going to continue its expansion by allowing in-app purchases, introducing a 3D mode, and expanding to the US market

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