Frontbyte delivers system- and web-development for all phases of complex IT solutions, whether small or large, including functional design, prototyping, technical design, modeling, and development/programming.

Our company is specialized in Microsoft technologies and has a department dedicated to mobile development with iOS and Android developers who have in-depth knowledge of augmented reality.

Frontbyte has established its own testing center, specializing in the delivery of leading testing tools in order to ensure the highest quality for all our projects. Our testing center performs tests for projects under our own management, but we also provide testing and test management externally to our clients for quality assurance.

Project Management Model

Frontbyte uses an Agile approach to software development, and we complete our projects using the Scrum project management framework. Scrum is primarily used for development projects and represents a practical approach to meeting the development requirements.

In our experience, Scrum successfully manages the communication between our Norwegian clients and our team in Minsk, which results in excellent client satisfaction.

In addition, Frontbyte has a long tradition in functional design and prototyping discovery. Therefore, we often implement a longer planning phase ahead of the development itself, in collaboration with the client. Typically, this results in reduced overall costs and in highly confident planning and prototyping phases, which ensures that we achieve not only the project outcome we aim for but also a very high quality.

Our team defines Scrum as a self-sustaining framework with a vast mandate to achieve the goals defined for the software development. According to this methodology, there are no requirements for specifications or detailed planning of tasks in terms of the project management. According to Scrum, projects are typically completed in phases of around one month, called Sprints. The timeframe of a Sprint can vary, depending on the needs and complexity.

Ahead of each Sprint, our developers select a set of functions to be implemented from a list of current requirements for the project outcome. This list is called the Product Backlog, and the list of goals to be implemented during a Sprint is called a Sprint Backlog. During the project, daily meetings are being held with a Scrum Master where all team members are present. Each meeting lasts approximately 15 minutes, during which each team member is required to answer the following three questions:

  1. What did I do since yesterday’s Scrum meeting?
  2. What do I need get done before tomorrow’s meeting?
  3. What, if anything, has impeded my effective implementation of the functionality?

The main responsibility of the Scrum Master is to ensure that these meetings are being held, and that the development team has the best conditions for effectively completing each Sprint. Following each Sprint, the team holds a Sprint Review, where the results from that phase are being compared to the goals that the team agreed to implement. Then, the team commits to implement a new set of functions from the Product Backlog.


Frontbyte has specialized in recruiting the top minds from some of the most reputable development environments in Minsk. We have our own department dedicated to continuously recruiting on behalf of our clients, and we have developed our own processes to ensure a review of the potential candidates’ approach to producing high-quality and correct code. In addition, we have a network of recruitment agencies that pitch potential candidates. We also cooperate with other large development environments to deliver candidates and teams.

During the recruitment process, we present the candidates with various issues that they must solve. This way, we assure their real competences, including their ability to produce object-oriented code, their abilities and understanding in terms of reusing existing components, etc.

“At Frontbyte, experienced developers recruit other experienced developers.”

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